8 Twitter Mistakes that can Destroy your Twitter Reputation

Building an awesome reputation on twitter is difficult and can take months to build, but losing it is very easy and it can be a matter of seconds and you might actually end up destroying it.
A lot of twitter users want to become twitter champs, but they actually become dumb twitter users. This happens because they make a lot of mistakes and yet make no effort to prevent further damage to their twitter reputation.
When people enter into the twitterverse, they aren’t aware of the rules and they also don’t study any 
twitter guide and they end up making many mistakes. Like real life, if you make mistakes in twitter, you are forgiven once or twice, but if you try to repeat it over and over again, then nobody would be ready to forgive you and you will surely end up losing respect among your followers.
These are some of twitter mistakes that you should be aware of and should not make if you want to become a powerful twitter user:

1. Auto DM

This is, by far, the most annoying habit that some bloggers and businesses use to promote their links. These links usually include affiliate links and links to their products. The problem is that though earlier auto DMs were a good facility to promote stuff, but now it has become a gateway to annoyance (and is usually full of spam). Auto DMs make you appear as bots and spammers. People don’t like following bots and they would instantly unfollow you, if you send them Auto DMs.
It would be better if you use a personalized DM to introduce yourself and then maybe build a relationship with them.

2. Promoting links via @

As a blogger, I know that some links may need promotion and you may like your twitter followers to help you out. But if you start asking for retweets and using @ replies to promote links you would perceived as a needy tweeter who is always asking for retweets. Instead of using @s use DMs to request your friends to promote your links. It is personal and is a better medium to promote.

3. No Conversation

Twitter is a platform to share useful information and also to interact and share experiences. If you are thinking of only sharing links, then you would never succeed. Conversation is a prerequisite and if don’t try to interact with people, they will start ignoring your tweets.

4. Bulk Following

A lot of people think that bulk following is sure-shot method to become a twitter hotshot. But they are highly mistaken, because quality following is better than quantity following. A person having 1000 followers can have more influence than a person having 10000 followers. Once you bulk follow, your closing the gate to a network, which could have increased your twitter influence.

5. Over Monetization

According to twitter users, making money from twitter is not very bad, if it is done in moderation. But if you are thinking of bombarding the twitter stream with a number of sponsored tweets, then you will be unfollowed immediately. Make sure you don’t cross the limit.

6. Revealing passwords

Revealing password is one of the worst things you can do to your account. Once you use your password on a twitter app, it gets stored there and then anybody can hack your twitter account. This has been my personal experience that once your twitter account gets hacked, then you start to see some offensive and inappropriate tweets being tweeted directly form your account. This can be really bad for your reputation and if action is not taken immediately, then you are bound to lose respect.

7. Not giving back love

Shameless self promotion does not work in any social media. It should be a give and take relationship and you need to retweet and thank people in order to protect your authority. Treat your twitter followers as if they are your family.

8. Being Offensive and Rude

Do you want to make enemies on twitter?. If yes is the answer, then start using bad language and point your fingers at others. Make them lose their mind and start spreading hatred.
In all, I would recommend that you don’t make these mistakes and try to show some twitter etiquette. If you don’t make these mistakes, you can be rest assured that you don’t lose your reputation on twitter.

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