4 Simple Programs for Managing Employee Goals

1. Lifetick Coach

The manager component to the Lifetick independent goal setting app, Lifetick Coach, is intended for life coaches or mentors to track their mentees’ progress. Features such as mentee-mentor messaging, group communication, SMART goal planning and core value-based goals also make it a viable option for small businesses. Unlike other goal-tracking programs, employees using Lifetick Coach set up their own goals and designate tasks that might help reach those goals. This process empowers employees to organize their goals while giving managers full visibility of their progress.
Price: $29 per month for up to eight employees

2. CreateSmartGoals

CreateSmartGoals is another hosted solution to managing employee goals. Managers can set goals for the entire organization, a specific department, or specific employees, who note their progress in a results journal. They can also designate the status of goals and what percentage of each goal is complete. But without the ability to break goals into smaller tasks, the platform becomes more of a task manager than a large-lens goal-setting mechanism.
Price: $30 per month for up to 10 employees

3. Goalscape

Goalscape is the ultimate tool for visualizing goals. Your company’s main goal (i.e. “make more money”) goes in the middle circle of the interactive infographic, and subgoals go around it. Each subgoal can be broken down into more subgoals by adding further layers to the infographics. The space each goal takes up can be adjusted to signify its relative importance, and shading signifies progress on each goal.
You can invite as many collaborators as you want into the infographic as well as share it with all of your employees. A helpful feature that allows you to designate who is responsible for the completion of each subgoal, as well as attach notes and files, makes it helpful for managing projects, and the infographic is slick enough to include in presentations.
Price: About $12 per month

4. WorkSimple

With WorkSimple, you can assign departments, employees and yourself goals, which are either visible to the entire company or to only the employee and manager. Employees report their own progress and check in on goals that are aligned with their own. When it comes time to give employee evaluations, the platform automatically compiles a report based on goal performance and asks employees to self-evaluate.
Price: $60 per year
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