29 No-Brainer Tips for Quick Blogging Success

Handle The Basics

1. Write Out Your Blog Strategy
Every day 126 million bloggers fight for attention.  Most of them will flame out in a few months because they didn’t have a plan for the long haul.  Don’t be one of them.  Create a strategy that will keep your blog relevant and your creative edge sharp for years to come.
2. Mimic the A-Listers
There is absolutely no reason to re-invent the blogging wheel.  Find the person/brand that is crushing it in your niche and mimic them.  Take their successful tactics and put your own spin on it.  Repeat this over and over for rapid success.
3. Track Your Stats
Some people think it’s cool to ignore their stats.  They’re idiots.  Your stats are a quick way to see how your readers are using your blog.  You’ll get great info on post topics and see what’s not working.  Install Google Analytics and get comfortable with the numbers.
4. Join a Mentorship Community
I joined Third Tribe and feel like I’ve hit the lottery.  They make me better.  They make me smile.  They’ve turned me into a “giver”.  You need a little bit of this in your life too.  You’ll be a better blogger because of it.  A-List Blogging Bootcamp and the Problogger community kick butt too J
5. Practice Great Writing
Find killer posts on top blogs and copy them out by hand.  That’s right, get a pen and paper and copy out the post word for word.  After a few posts, you’ll discover what great writing “feels like”.  Most people won’t do this.  If you do, I guarantee that you’ll get scary good – fast.
6. Write Your “About” Page in the First Person
Stop that corporate nonsense of talking in the third person.  Unless your Mohammad Ali you should be using “I” and “My” in your sentences.  Your readers want to connect with a person not an abstraction.

Deliver Irresistible Content

7. Blog A Little More:
Some pretty smart bloggers have seen their traffic jump when they post more.  Don’t shoot me for saying this, but blogging just a little more my be what the doctored ordered.
8. Write A Lot More
Chris Brogan recently reminded me that writing a lot doesn’t necessarily mean blogging a lot.  Writing is the discipline that you engage in everyday.  The more you write the better you become.  Some of that writing may turn into blog posts.  The point is to write a lot.
9. Start an Email Newsletter
An email list is a marketing asset that will keep giving.  Create fabulous content and give it away to people who sign-up.  Take care of this list and they will take care of you.
10. Use Attention-Getting Images
People love photos.  A great picture livens up your post, helps make a point, and gives your blog a polished feel.
11. Power Up Your Headlines
You’re leaving “attention” on the table if you skimp on your headlines. Get in the practice of brainstorming 2 or 3 for each post.  Pick one and use the rest for subheadlines. The web is chock-full of amazing headline advice.  Go to school on this and you won’t be sorry.
12. Use Subheadlines
Your readers skim your posts first.  They will read more closely if they find something they like.  Make it easier for them by dividing your post into easy chunks topped with juicy subheadlines.
13. Record and Transcribe Your Posts
People learn and consume information in different ways.  I prefer pictures (in crayon).  However I also spend a lot of time in the car where I listen to audio.  Consider turning your posts into audio.  Or take your podcasts and create posts out of the transcripts.  Groovy.
14. Share the (Link) Love
Give.  Link to other blogs that have content that compliments your post.  This is a fantastic way demonstrate your relevance and usefulness to readers.  It’s also a classy thing to do.
15. Mix Up Your Posts
Take a look at your archives…are you writing the same type of post every single week?  If so, you might be boring your readers.  Take Darren’s advice at Problogger and mix up your posting types to keep your readers hopping.  Throw in an opinion post, a link roundup, or a video review.

Finding Inspiration

16. Carry a Moleskin
You never know when a killer post or product idea will bubble to the surface from your subconscious.  Record your ideas immediately in your moleskin.  Reward yourself with a strawberry McDonald’s milkshake.  That’s an order.
17. Find and Follow New Voices Regularly
Your mojo can get stale if you hang out with the same crowd too long.  Periodically clean out your Twitter lists and start over.  Visit new blogs.  Make it a habit to visit sites outside your niche or discipline.  Your creativity will soar, I promise.

Take Care of Your Readers

18. Respond to Comments
It’s just polite and the right thing to do.  Plus, bloggers who respond to comments tend to get more of them.  Go figure.  You don’t have to respond to every one-line “Great post” comment but give a shout out to people who invested some time responding.
19. Get a Blogging BFF
Mine is @tips4smo.  I read her stuff and say “I gotta get better”.  We bounce ideas off each other.  Pal up in Tweetchats and such.  Get yourself a BFF – no need to be a lone ranger.
20. Be Your Commenters Biggest Fan
Anyone that takes the time to write a substantive comment on your blogs should be treated like royalty.  Visit their blog.  Comment on their posts. Email them with ideas.  Offer to guest post for them.  Retweet them religiously.  I plan to make this my mantra.  How about you?

Getting Noticed

21. Promote Your Posts
Your content deserves an audience.  If you took the time to write it then you’ll should promote it.  Don’t be shy.  People will not just find it.  You need to tell people that your post exists.  Tweet your post out a few times when it’s posted.  Suggest your post to an A-Lister with a audience who might enjoy your perspective.  This is how you get big fast.
22. Guest Post (You knew this was coming)

Take your absolute best content and give it to the 800 pound gorilla blog in your niche.  You’ll get a boatload of new readers, email subscribers, followers, and fans.  It’s a smart strategy.  Trust me.
23. Get Comfortable with Twitter
Don’t be luddite.  Twitter won’t bite.  It won’t turn you into a tweeting zombie.  It will (over time) send quality and engaged readers to your blog.  Twitter is like sex, if you don’t like it then you probably aren’t doing it right .
24. Join a Tweet Chat or Create One
Tweet Chats are the New Black in social media.  These chats gather people with a common interest around a hashtag.  At the scheduled time, track the hashtag in Tweetdeck and start tweeting.  If you can’t find one you like – create one.
25. Be a Guest Commenter
Take your commenting seriously.  Pick a few blogs and comment like your life depended on it.  I call this “poor man guest posting”.  Do it right and you’ll get noticed and maybe get an invitation to guest post!
26. Link Your Posts Together
The fancy-pants phrase is “interlinking”. As you are writing your post, link to other posts on your blog that provide background or more information.  This will encourage readers to dive deep into your blog.

Getting Serious

27. Look the Part
There is absolutely no excuse for putting up with a broken and busted blog design.  With the latest themes and frameworks, You can look like a pro in an afternoon for less than $100.  If you are serious about doing this blogging thing right then you need to dress the part.
28. Create Something Valuable and Give It Away
If you are running a public blog then you are constantly working to build rapport and trust with your reader. The fastest way to build credibility is by demonstrating your expertise with free content.  This can be an eBook, a blog series, or a newsletter.
29. Claim Your Niche
Focus your energy on being the absolute best source of content for your niche.  Once you’ve isolated your niche, pour on the content.  Don’t let up.  You want to become synonymous with relevant and helpful information.    In social media, the most dedicated win.

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