Facebook Reaches 600 Million Users

There had been a lot of questions going as to if Facebook  has pass the 600 million users milestone yet.  Answer to that question, YES!
Facebook passed the 600 million users mark in December 2010 (probably earlier). It was not announced publicly.  Maybe not to tech blogs like mashabletechcrunch or RWW, however, when I attended iStrategy Singapore in December, Blake Chandlee the VP & Commercial Director, EMEA, at Facebook announced at the seminar that Facebook has already surpassed 600 million users. Of course we tweeted it out.

Need more proof?

I hear you! Recently, the data was proven when Goldman Sachs, (the company which invested $450 million) , showed the document to clients who are  interested in investing in Facebook at a $50 billion valuation. In the document it mentions that
“Facebook has more than 600 million monthly active users, of whom more than 230 million access the site on mobile devices”

Why didn’t Facebook announce this?

Why not? as they used to announce every milestone?
  1. According to Blake from Facebook, they are going for a bigger number. How many? He didn’t mention. In my own opinion, probably 700 or 750 million users before changing it on their official facebook facts page. This is just my assumption.
  2. They want to impress potential investors. Its quite possible that the data is kept for potential investors like Goldman Sachs or clients who are interested to invest. Most of them might already know that Facebook had 500 million users, but after looking at the document and seeing that facebook actually had 600 million users. They might be more impress. I assume.
They might announce it sooner or later. Giving the actual data as to when they had reached 600 million users.

Here are the milestones of what Facebook users  from 2008-2010.

August 2008 Facebook reaches over 100 million active users
January 2009 Facebook reaches over 150 million active users
April 2009 Facebook reaches over 200 million active users
July 2009 Facebook reaches over 250 million active users
September 2009 Facebook reaches over 300 million active users
December 2009 Facebook reaches over 350 million active users
February 2010 Facebook reaches over 400 million active users
July 2010 Facebook reaches over 500 million active users
December 2010 (Unannounced) Facebook reaches over 600 million active users

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