Juice Defender - Battery Saving Application [Android Users]

Juice DefenderHaving an Android phone is every one's desire and Using it is status symbol now days. Many of us using Smart phone on regular basis,but its very Difficult to fight with Battery power while using Smart-phone. As downloading and using so many application,Games give a nice feel but the problem of Battery loss is faced by almost all Smart phone user. It happens Because of Multi-tasking facilities of smart phone,when you switch to one application to another,in smart phone its just Hide the older application inseted of Terminate it. To avoid such Battery loss, We suggest you awesome Application that help you to save your battery power, Juice defender.

Juice Defender, A Battery manger application, that provides you the facility to extends your phone's battery life by intelligently and transparently managing the most power-draining components of your Android device, like 3G/4G connectivity and WiFi. The most Fabulous thing about juice defender is that iruns by itself for improving battery life from behind the scenes, and it optimizes your power consumption and give you extra hours of precious battery life.

Juice DefenderJuice defender gives other useful feature like :
  • 5 preset profiles (from default mode to full customization)
  • Easy and intuitive user interface
  • Totally ads free!
  • 2 home screen widgets
  • mobile data toggle automation
  • 2G/3G toggle automation
  • WiFi toggle automation + auto-disabling option
  • location-aware WiFi control
  • battery consumption optimization
  • comprehensive connectivity scheduling (regular schedule, night time/peak time, week days/weekends)
  • connectivity control for specific apps
  • CPU scaling when phone is idle
  • full activity log

And Its Free!! Download it now!!

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