How To Add Contact Form To Your Blogspot Blog?

To create contact us form in WordPress as very easy as WordPress provide wide range of Plugins, so by clicking on single link we can add contact form, but in blogspot, its not easy to add help form. So here i give you some methods to add contact us form in blogspot, so your blog can have contact us form like other WordPress blog have.

To create contact form in Blogger, follow the steps given below:

1st Step: Go to and Login with your Gmail id and password. after Login , the Google doc. page will be shown to you, where existing file (if any you have) will be shown to you.
2nd Step: now there is option, "Create New". click on it and select "Form". even you can select form template and choose your desire theme for your contact form.
google doc
3rd step: Write the Form title in "Untitled form". Just below it, add description for your form.

contact us form" title=
4th step: now add form fields, in "Question title" (i.e contact form needs 4 fields, Name,email id, website name, and message from the user). You can add more items by clicking on "add item". (Recommended : use text item for Name, Email and Website and use Paragraph text for the Message"). while adding this items, make sure you make some items compulsory. (by clicking on make this a required question).

5th Step: now click on the more action option and click on "Edit confirmation". Here you can display your message for user. ( this message will display after user will fill all the information.), and click on save button (on top right side). 

6th step: now click on more action and select "Embed". copy that code, now go to and create new page on your blog (New post then Edit pages, select "new Page" and on this new page give title as "contact us" and on Edit HTML, paste that "embed" code here. and "Publish it".
contact form blogspot

And your Contact Form for your blog is ready. you can edit that embed code width so you make your contact form fit to your blog. now whenever you want to show the user responce, just login in to Google doc., and select your form, user responce will be shown there (if any). you can download it as Excel file in to your computer too. And you can edit, delete this file (from google doc.) when ever you want.

Note: there are many other sites that provide embed contact form, but you will never get Google's Trust in other service.

Easy Right? keep visiting for more Tutorials like this one. 

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