Facebook Reaches 800 Million active Users

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There had been a lot of questions going as to if Facebook has pass the 800 million active users milestone yet. Answer to that question is, YES!

Need more proof?

Here Is proof for you. Facebook now officially announcing that they having 750M+ Active users. Even you can find this on your Facebook profile.

Or check it from official time-line of Facebook

(screen shot >>)


Here are the milestones of what Facebook users  from 2008-2011.

August 2008 Facebook reaches over 100 million active users.
January 2009 Facebook reaches over 150 million active users.
April 2009 Facebook reaches over 200 million active users.
July 2009 Facebook reaches over 250 million active users.
September 2009 Facebook reaches over 300 million active users.
December 2009 Facebook reaches over 350 million active users.
February 2010 Facebook reaches over 400 million active users.
July 2010 Facebook reaches over 500 million active users.
December 2010 (Unannounced) Facebook reaches over 600 million active users.
Augest 2011 (unannounced but declared on fb) Facebook Reaches Over 750 Million + Active Users.
November 2011 Facebook Reaches Over 800 Million + Active Users.
its should be good to note here that Facebook got 750M+ active user when Google+ is already here to overtake FB.  in present of Google plus and Twitter, its prefrable to say that People still love Facebook. Much Fight for Google + and Twitter.
Data taken from facebook press

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