National Unfriend Day - Delete Fack people from Your Friend List

National Unfriend Day
November 17th is a National Unfriend Day. After Huge success from last year, million's of people deleted their Fack Facebook Friends. As every one will agree on this, that their are million's of Fack A/c's are live on Facebook or even in their Friend List.

ABC late-night host Jimmy Kimmel says you should start deleting those folks you barely know.

If you can’t decide whether to unfriend someone, check out this video to hear Kimmel’s point system that will help you decide who stays and who goes.

“Half of the the people in this country are on Facebook and many of those people have hundreds, if not thousands of friends,” Kimmel told the Jimmy Kimmel Live audience last week. “I find this unacceptable that no one has thousands of friends … If you have ten friends in your life then you’re doing very well.”

So will you delete Fack Friends from your FB list this Thursday??

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