facebook ticker got monetize

facebook ticker got monetize
yes, its True! now your Facebook ticker will show Sponsored Stories. so one more change from Facebook.

the ticker first appeared to mixed reviews when Facebook revamped News Feed in early September. 

It’s intended to be a repository for those quick, repetitive messages or “vicky and Mack" are now friends,” leaving meatier status updates to the main feeds.

but now, as mentioned earlier, facebook going to show sponsored stories in ticker feeds.
Million's of people already hated ticker, as its leaves the Privacy concern. now if it also going to show some other stories (links) then mostly people going to hate facebook a lot!

The inclusion of sponsored posts among regular ones will be familiar to any user of Twitter, Digg, and other networks. Sponsored content in various “feeds” is rapidly becoming the norm in social media, although most services clearly mark the content as such.

so if any new person who is not familiar with all this social media channel, who want to try this all, are gonna confused, all social media (twitter,Digg, facebook) are showing Sponsored Stories in their regular feeds, that might be disappoint any new user and FORCE him/her to join some other site.

image source: mashable.com

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