Discounts on itunes Application : Thanksgiving Special

Discounts on itunes Application : Thanksgiving Special
Yes, it’s a Thanksgiving week special. Many of iphone application are available on Discount price. The applications which are available on discount are listed below.

1). Spirits (only for $0.99): Spirits is an award-winning puzzle game about wind, indirect control and creativity.

2). iBlast Moki 2 HD (only for $0.99) : This is a must buy. One of the best games of the year, for the change you've got in your couch?

3). Battle of Gundabad (only for $0.99) : I really wish the deck-building card game Dominion was out on iOS, but it's not yet, and until then we have Battle of Gundabad!

4). Absolutely free: Castles Conqueror, Crystal Soul, Crystal Dash!

5). Only for $0.99: Super Monkey Ball 2, Gunstar Heroes, Streets of Rage 3!

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