How to : On-Go Internet via blackberry Bridge with Blackberry Playbook

blackberry bridge
While Using Blackberry playbook Tablet, if you wanted to use Internet then you can use it via Wi-fi only. What if you want to use internet on-going? The Blackberry Bridge application is useful for you in that case. The Blackberry Bridge application allows you to connect your Playbook with your Blackberry Smart-phone (only)
blackberry bridge application
If you are running BlackBerry Device Software 5.0 or later on your BlackBerry smartphone, you can connect your BlackBerry PlayBook tablet to your smartphone to access email, calendars, BlackBerry Messenger files, and other data directly from your tablet.

Blackberry app

Your tablet connects to your smartphone using Bluetooth technology. To connect, you need the BlackBerry Bridge application installed on your smartphone. You can download it from the BlackBerry App World storefront.
You can also use BB Messenger,Bridge Files, Bridge Browser with BB Bridge application, and also you can use Messages,calender,contacts etc.
Its Free!! Download it now!!

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