Will the Visual Design of a Website Play a Major Role in the SEO Campaign?

Till now, one would have heard from all SEO experts worldwide that the design and look of a website doesn’t play any role in the successful SEO campaign. The things that matter the most in any successful SEO campaign are content, page titles, inbound links and many other factors that’s counted in the search engine ranking algorithm. Now for a long time the factors that mattered in increasing the click-through of a search engine listing were Title and Short snippet (Meta Description) of the website. Once your listing gets clicked only then your website’s visual design comes into play and the visitor decides to use or don’t use your services. This was the scenario till now.
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Showing page previews functionality on the search engine listing page have been tested and used for years. Sometime ago Ask.com introduced this functionality giving its searchers a chance to preview the listing page on mouse over. The effect of such functionality was that the website with ugly looking design and look got fewer clicks than others.
Now last year Bing too announced similar preview function which didn’t show the page preview though but it showed the main content of the page, so design didn’t come into play then.
But all this is going to change with Google’s Instant Previews. Google’s Instant Previews doesn’t show page previews just on mouse over but users have to initially click the magnifying lens besides each listing once to preview the website’s full image on mouse over later on for all other listings too. So Google has still kept an option for us to either use this functionality or not.
The effect of Google Instant Previews would be just related to the website’s design and look. It’s just the start and judging this functionality and its effect on SEO campaign would be very early at this stage. But my advice to everyone is to start rethinking about the website design once and analyze it with Instant Previews if it requires to be changed or not.

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