Top Reasons Every College Student Should Be on Twitter

It seems social media has taken over what casual conversation, phone calls and letters used to do—keeping people in the loop with what’s going on in each other’s lives. Nearly everyone has a Facebook page, MySpace account, or Twitter account. Technologically savvy college students use various social media every day to make new friends and keep in touch with old ones. For college scholars, there are many more benefits to using Twitter.
• Better than Google?
Twitter is a resource for any student seeking answers to virtually anything. A student’s Twitter network can number in the thousands and followers have lived their lives and experienced many things. When scholars are in a pickle, invariably there will be someone who has ideas or experiences and can provide pertinent advice to perplexed students.

• Creating a Personal Logo
Personal branding may not be something a new college-bound youth would be thinking about, but it should be. Branding can help create an online presence, but it takes time to do it. More and more employers are using Google as a sort-of background check. Googling a person can bring up nearly everything about him or her—even if it’s not the most flattering information. Using Twitter on a regular basis and in a suitable fashion will ensure Google results that are positive, rather than embarrassing.

• Schmoozing via the Internet
College students need to get out there and meet as many people as possible. Schmoozing, or rubbing shoulders, with the many talented, resourceful, and intelligent people on Twitter can have many positive results. Interactions can lead to new collaborations, opportunities and relationships. Twitter enables members to search by regional and biographical information, helping students become acquainted with professionals in their upcoming career field.

• Training for the Career Marathon
With so much information on Twitter, any student can use it to his or her advantage – especially to help get a job. The amount of information from Twitter resources concerning interview tips, resume advice, job openings, and internships is astronomical and students can tap into it with just a click of the mouse.

• Extra, Extra…Read all About it
College students are on the way to becoming working career professionals. Anyone who is successful in their field is aware of developments and news in their profession. By searching Twitter for resources that contribute the latest information concerning their careers, students can stay on top of the latest,breaking news. During interviews, the applicant “in the know,” is the applicant with the job.

• Like a Web Traffic Road Sign
Students with blogs or personal websites can use Twitter to promote new articles or information published on their sites. Bloggers will tweet a link for new posts via their Twitter account, allowing their entire network to easily access new posts. Anyone who has a Twitter account with an active profile generate traffic to their website when people outside their network like a tweet and visit their profile.

Twitter brings the world to a student’s fingertips. Advice, information, news, and relationships that can carry a student to a positive, prosperous future are just a tweet away.

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