Snoop Dogg is the Doggfather of Social Media Experts

@SnoopDogg just got into my “celebrities that know the true value of Twitter” group. Not that I have a real group. I personally think not many people understand the true power of what social media can actually bring to them, unlike Alyssa Milano, Cory Booker, Aston Kutcher, etc.  Charlie Sheen is not in the group at the moment. He’s too wild for me to handle.

After watching the Twitter official birthday video, Snoop Dogg caught my attention when he talked about him following Martha Stewart and why he followed her. Recently, I read an article from the man himself, saying that Twitter has changed the relationship between artists and fans and why he encourages artists to be on it, as he believes that it is one of the biggest developments he has seen.

Lesson 1: Have a relationship with your fans/customers first

“I feel it’s the number one key in music right now. Having that relationship with fans where it’s not based on your record label, it’s based on you”, says Snoop!
This is what Twitter is about. I realized this when I started to use it in 2009. It is not about “what I ate for breakfast”. That is basically what people who have not used it before would say. People who have not use it, will always say “why would I want to read what people had for lunch?” This is not true. I’ll send them to @Alyssa_Milano’s and SnoopDogg’s twitter feed in the future.

Lesson 2: Build TRUST on twitter and people will buy from you

“That’s way more important nowadays to me because that’s what the industry is broken down into –trust”, Snoop adds.
The second most important criteria not only on twitter but also on social media, is TRUST. Trust plays an important role because people who don’t trust you won’t buy from you at all. Snoop Dogg understands this as well when he said
If I trust you and have a relationship with you, and you are telling me you are putting a record out and it’s going to be good, I’m going to buy it because I trust you”.

Summary from the other dog (me)

Twitter or social media starts with having a relationship with your customer or with people first. It is not about going for the sale straight away or posting your tweets after you registering an account.
Start with building a relationship in order to build trust. When people have built confidence in you and have trusted you, they will buy from you. Something that Snoop understands very well and behind the reason why he is on Twitter, is the fact that Snoop’s goal wasn’t just to build attention; it was to build a relationship with his fans.


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