5 Hard To Believe Social Media Trends

Social Media is a great way to interact and find new buddies and discover opportunities. The use of social media has increased to such a great extent that it now has bundled itself in our daily lives. A day without Twitter and other social media elements is quite hard for me. Recently, we witnessed a great influence of social media on real life goodies. In this post, I bring to you 5 social media influenced goodies and treats that are really hard to believe.

Facebook Sweets

facebook sweets
Audrey Wells, a UQAM student, came up with a fantastic idea of eating Facebook friends. Basically, the idea is to wrap sugary sweets in packaging made from randomly chosen Facebook friend’s profile pics. Though the idea is quite quirky, but this shows how social media has started influencing every bit of real world – even chocolates.

Facebook Portraits

facebook portraits
Another example of Social Media influence is the four portraits by visual artist PJ Smalley. PJ Smalley released a series of four Facebook profile inspired portraits in his work titled ‘Personal Shrines, Redefined’. His four paintings – ‘Young Love,’ ‘The Static Age,’ ‘A Cyber Stalk to Remember’ and ‘Space Invaders’ – have all been inspired by Facebook profilepictures.

Tweeting Paper

paper tweet
I love Tweeting and  I am (@tips4smo) a Twitter fan. There are various web and desktop clients for tweeting but there is a real life client as well. No, its not that you can write on a paper and upload it on Twitter but still, there is a paper that copies Twitter style. Paper Tweet Notepad has everything you need to write in Twitter style – hashtags, RT column, DM column, a column for your name and bio. Further, it has space for just 140 characters – ya, that’s exact of a Twitter.

Tweetography Maps

tweet map
The guys over at Urbantick came up with a series of maps that use tweets for plotting density. The contours represent tweet desnity in an area. The ‘mountains’ or lighter shades of green, yellow and red reflects a high Tweeting activity, whereas dark green areas indicate areas in which Twitter is not used much.

Twitter and Facebook All-in-one iPad Magazine

social media magazine
Flipboard is a social media magazine just for you. All your friends’ tweets and Facebook updates are packed as one stylish and geeky magazine. Flipboard iPad magazine lays out your social network connections and updates in a fashion similar to print media. The idea is quite handy taking into consideration the number of updates and tweets we send out daily.

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