How to get back old Facebook Chat?

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Change isn’t always improvement and New Features aren’t always welcomed by users. Same is the story with New Facebook Sidebar Chat.Users haven’t liked it much for a simple reason that it’s messy. It’s a free service and you don’t have an option to switch to good old Facebook Chat officially. So, here’s how can you get rid of new Facebook Sidebar chat and get back to old Facebook Chat.

How to install Old Facebook Chat UserScript

Go to and click on Green button saying “Install”.
For Google Chrome,Just install and Refresh your FB page,Simple!
For Firefox users, you must have GreaseMonkey addon installed to install this. For Google Chrome however, it is installed directly and activates automatically on opening
It is important to note here that This Hack doesn’t activate Old Facebook Chat for your Account but only when you access Facebook from the browser where script is installed. And If you want to switch back to New chat for that Change Again, then simply Uninstall this Add-ons or extensions from Your Browser, Simple!

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