Twitter for iPad Goes Live

It is a good day. We got some Facetiming iPod Touches and some pretty sweet iPod Nanos, not to mention an Apple TV I would actually buy. However, for me, that is not the biggest Apple news of the day,Twitter for iPad is.
After a few months of using the iPad, I am still unsatisfied with my tweeting options on the tablet. Osfoora is pretty awesome but not perfect with no live links in the timeline. Twitterrific is the runner up and I was actually testing it out to become my default on the iPad. That is until I saw the famous tweet that changed it all. Twitter for iPad is now live and it’s rocking.
The new Twitter for iPad not only includes all the features needed in a serious Twitter app, it also adds some unique gesture-based advancements such as two finger swipe down to reveal the thread preceding a tweet. The interface also seems to have multiple levels that open upon clicking on a profile or link in your stream.
Twitter for iPad also has the standard real time search capabilities we have come to expect from a Twitter app, trending topics, integrated maps, and a whole lot more. Twitter for iPad has one click Instapaper support, which is pretty darn awesome and the UI, at least if I am trusting my first impressions, is the most invested in interface out of all the iPad Twitter apps.
One thing I am sorely missing is the old RT format of “RT < and >their tweet>. The new format, in addition to the native RT, is actually quoting the person’s tweet, but you can’t win em all I guess.
I am definitely going to be using Twitter for iPad as my default app for now. I do like the way I can access my lists in one click in Tweetings and the way Echofonshows a missed tweets count, but in terms of an overall experience combined with the most functionality, looks like Twitter for iPad wins…
I am writing this review as I test the app out so as I notice things, I am recording them, and I just realized there is no auto complete on Twitter names, which is going to be a problem for me.  I do love how you can click live links in the stream itself including profiles and it opens up a new page with everything you need to know about the person. That is something missing from other apps I have tried.
At the end of the day, Twitter for iPad provides a superior overall experience to any other iPad Twitter app I have tried, which means one thing, time to pin it to the main apps bar along the bottom of the iPad.

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