10 Social media marketing on a budget questions

Social media marketing on a budget requires thinking through your business and marketing strategy first. Here’s a set of ten questions to help you lay the groundwork.
  1. What are your top-level business and marketing goals? Do you want to expand your pool of prospects, increase sales, or develop loyal fans?
  2. What are your organization’s internal strengths and weaknesses? What can you offer prospects and the public in terms of social media content that will set you apart from your competitors?
  3. What resources, both human and financial, can you apply to handling social media marketing? Who will create your social media marketing content and who will take care of the related technology and distribution?
  4. How much time do you have, given your limited resources, to dedicate to another project? Working on a budget, it’s a sure guess your employees aren’t sitting around waiting for something new to do. If social media is another item for employees to do in their “free” time, it won’t get done.
  5. Who’s best capable of online social interaction? Understand that the person with the most available bandwidth may not be the person most capable of representing your company in social media forums.
  6. Is any one in your organization interested in performing these tasks?Bear in mind that it may not be the person you expect or desire.
  7. Are there other areas where you can save resources to use in social media marketing?
  8. What type of social media oversight is required? Do you have a set of social media guidelines? Is additional support or management needed?
  9. What non-promotion content can you use? On social media, you should keep your promotion ratio to other content at a one to ten ratio. Too much self-promotion and readers will leave.
  10. Have you gotten permission to use customers and the public’s images and other materials? Be on the safe side and ensure that you’ve got permission to use the creative commons.

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