Similarities between Twitter and Blogs

Good contents build communities

Content content content! That is basically what everyone say you need in order to be successful on your blog. What about Twitter? If you want to build a community on twitter, you need great tweets too. You want to post tweets that you want people to read. Don’t just post tweets for the sake of posting. If you do so and post spam, people will just look away, and this is similar to blogging.

Title is important on twitter and blogs

Title is important! On blogs and on Twitter, it makes people click your tweets or your blog posts if you have an amazing title. It also makes people open that email notification if they have subscribed via email or rss. Jim wrote a blog post on how he increased traffic on his blog using great titles. This is why I have always put great focus on the title of my tweets. Sometimes, I use a direct title like “similarities between Twitter and blogs”, and sometimes I play it more conversational like “is there any similarities between Twitter and blogs?” Some titles work better than others. Play around with it.

Will people like what I post or tweet?

Not everyone will like what you write on your blog and not everyone will like what you tweet too. Some post connects with part of your readers on blogs and on Twitter. And in doing so, you might actually cause some tension within other groups of people. You can’t write for everyone on twitter or on your blog.

Commenting builds attention for your blog and on twitter

If you don’t have enough people commenting on your blog what do you do? You comment on other people’s blogs to get them to notice you. That is basically what you do on Twitter too. You comment on other people’s tweets and get their attention. You build and engage from there and get people to notice your tweets.

Don’t tweet or blog too much

I think we shouldn’t tweet too much and fill our time line with too many tweets, same goes with blogging, since I don’t think you should blog too much. Someone whom I recently metunsubscribed from Chris Brogan’s blog because he blogged too much, although I don’t have any problems with @ChrisBrogan.  Don’t over tweet. One person who I think tweet too much or automate too much is Chris Voss on Twitter. (Sorry man, just stating it out)


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