Install WordPress on Your Computer In 4 Easy Steps [with WampServer]

wordpress installation guide by Vicky sadhuWordPress is an open source CMS, often used as a blog publishing application powered by PHP and MySQL. It has many features including a plugin architecture and a templating system. Used by over 12% of the 1,000,000 biggest websites, WordPress is the most popular CMS in use today. And every one loves the WordPress too!

As its sounds great to use WordPress, even its easy to install.

Here we giving you guide to install WordPress with WampServer [What is WAMPserver? -->> WAMServer is Windows Apache MySQL PHP Server all bundled into one nice package.You don’t need to test your WordPress blogs theme Online.Instead try these offline with Wamp Server.]By installing WampServer, you can be installing the following:

Apache 2.2.11 (the web server application)
PHP 5.3.0
MySQL 5.1.36
phpMyAdmin (a convenient web interface for managing our database) [Advantage].

To install it in your local computer, follow the steps.

1. Download The latest version of WordPress from The Official WordPress Site.

2. Download the Wamp Server  and Install it.It is recommended to Install It in the Default path “ C:Wamp”.

After Installing Wampserver

Start the Wamp server and Click on the Wamp Icon on System tray.Then Click On “Start all Services”
Creating new database.
Click on the System tray Icon and Click On “phpMyadmin”. A Page Will open in your Browser.(If you are Not familiar with the Php My Admin Interface Don’t panic!). Just Enter a database name in Create New database and Hit on Create.The database name can be anything ( Here i am Using “Test” as the database name).
wordpress installation guide by Vicky sadhu

Now that You have successfully created the database Open “SQLitemanager” by clicking the System tray  Icon. This Will open the SQLite page in your Browser. as shown here --->>>

Installing WordPress
1 Go to “C:\wamp\www” and Create a Folder. Name it something  i.e “test”.
2. Copy all the WordPress Files in that Directory. After You have copied the Files the directory will look like this..-->

3. 3.Fill in the database details: Now open wp-config-sample.php in any Text editor like Notepad .
In DB_NAME you will find "putyourdbnamehere".Replace it with the database name that you created earlier.(in this case its “test”).
In DB_USER replace “usernamehere” with “root”.
In DB_PASSWORD delete ‘yourpasswordhere’.Leave it blank.

Having done that save that file. Rename it to “wp-config.php”.The following screenshots will be more clear.
4. Install WordPress: Open http://localhost/test/wp-admin/install.php. Enter a Blog title and any email id.Then Hit “Install WordPress”. WordPress will be Successfully installed and you will see the Final screen.
Note the Username and password Given .After logging in Click On “users” and Change  the password to a more Convenient one. Thats it!! Easy!!

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