New Digg: An attempt to regain the lost glory?

In case you are a Digg user trying to change your profile settings or a Digg non-member trying to register on it, then you should postpone the plan of joining Digg or updating your Digg profile. Digg is not accepting any new account registration or changes in old accounts, the reason being their new version.
In recent past, Digg was overshadowed by the influence of other social media websites  like Facebook, Twitter, etc. Ever since then, Digg has been working hard to adapt to new trends in social media and give a tough fight to gain its lost glory. The reason of their hard work is Digg Alpha,   the new version of Digg.

What is the New Digg or Digg Alpha?

The new version of Digg is private alpha release at the moment and so it is also known as Digg Alpha as of now. Only invited  publishers  and key Digg users can try their hands on  this alpha release. You can have a preview of this new version through release of the first preview of Digg alpha.
digg alpha

What’s new in New Digg?

Bases on the  post, here is a summary of what new you are to see in this new version of Digg -
  • New Digg will encourage people to create their own news feed based on the submissions by brands and people they value. The personal feed thus created will be called ‘My News’.
  • The general top submissions will be put under ‘Top News’
  • ‘My News’ as well as ‘Top News’ can be filtered by date and topic. However, the old categorization of submissions will be gone.
  • Content will not be separately tagged under articles, videos or pictures. All sort of content will be brought under one main feed.
  • Importing contacts from other social networks like Twitter, Facebook and Google will be allowed.
  • Digging stories has been simplified. ‘Digg It’ bar will extract all the necessary information from a webpage URL.
  • Bloggers and web publishers will have the ability to auto publish their feeds on
These are just a few of the new things the New Digg has in store for us.

How to switch to new Digg?

digg new (Custom)
Switching to new Digg is not possible without an invite. However, you can request an invite at the New Digg website.

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