How To Set Effective Twitter Goals

How To Set Effective Twitter Goals

You have now created a brand new Twitter profile page and invited your friends to check it out. Before tweeting on Twitter and working on your list of followers, you must ponder over your Twitter goals. Ask yourself what it is you would like to achieve on Twitter.

Why People Join Twitter

People join Twitter for a variety of reasons. You will be surprised to know the reasons for which people tweet on Twitter. The list of Twitter goals can be endless, and each Twitter user will have his/her own reasons for joining Twitter.

Here is a list of possible goals:

Create a market for your products. Get recognized as an expert in a particular niche. Stay in touch with old friends. Drive a steady stream of targeted traffic to your squeeze pages. Send more people to read your blog posts. Meet your significant other. Make friends who share your interests for a particular hobby or activity. Share project details with your colleagues. Improve your social life.

What are your goals? Think over it a bit and create a list of reasons you might have for joining Twitter. After making your list of goals, identify a primary goal and a secondary goal.
Why You Need Goals

Goals help you make the optimum use of Twitter. Once you know why you are joining Twitter, you will be able to known exactly how to use it.
Goals help you determine the subject matter of your tweets, the type of people to follow or accept as followers, the type of keywords to keep track of, how to promote yourself and your products, how to converse with others, the Twitter tools that will best serve your purpose, and how often you must tweet.
Maintain the Spirit of Fun

Don’t get too serious about setting Twitter goals! You don’t have to write down your goals. Twitter does not set strict rules for its users. Twitter is just an online tool for fun and frolic; accordingly, it permits you to express yourself in myriad ways.

However, if you want Twitter to serve a particular purpose for you, you ought to be clear about it. In other words, if you want to achieve a particular goal on Twitter, you must know exactly what you want and how to set about achieving it.

Simultaneously, you don’t have to crack your skull over it. When I set my goals for using Twitter, I was able to transform Twitter into a tool not only to have fun, but also to build my business.

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