4 Mistakes New Twitter Users Make

Everyone makes mistakes on twitter, I did too when I started to use twitter back in March 2009. My mistake what not having an avatar (I was camera shy then… kidding). I came up with 4 mistakes which I notice a lot of new twitter users make.

1. No avatar

This is one mistake no twitter users should make. When you have the default twitter avatar then your avatar screams “I am a spammer” As soon as you register a social media website like facebook or twitter the first thing I recommend doing is uploading a photo of yourself. I made this mistake too. (oops)

2. Auto tweet

One thing I don’t like about auto tweets is that some twitter users use twitterfeeds to update their tweets so they post a tweet every few minutes. Although some of them are valuable, I won’t read much of their tweets after a while. So don’t overdo them. The one below screams “I am a spammer, block me ASAP”

3. Self promoting

I realize that because people think that twitter is viral, they tend to overdo by self promoting their blogs or website too much. I’ve been getting tons of tweets from twitter users asking me to visit their blog when I have not seen them before. Their first tweet to me? See below

4. Not engaging

Too much “me, me, me,” talk will turn people ears off. I quickly realized that a lot of new twitter users get the wrong idea about twitter. Which is they think that twitter is about telling people what they do. I’ve seen tons of people joining twitter and all they post is their daily routines. Twitter and schools are alike. You can’t start off your first day of school talking about youself. You start by connecting with people and then later on as your relationship builds, you can talk about what you did and people will listen as they already know you.

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