Do you want win twitter??

1.      Work at it.  The biggest secret to Twitter success (and everything else).

2.  Give it time.  You won't "get" Twitter for a while. Stay at it.  Like riding a bike, you'll know when you've gotten it:  it'll start to be fun.

3.  Work at it.  Hey, wasn't that your first secret?  It was and is.  But, like riding a bike, once you "get" Twitter, you need to practice even more so that you have the confidence to go farther, try a few tricks, go to new places.

4.  Find mentors.  The emphasis is on the plural:  "mentorS".  My Twitter mentors are many.  Who (why)?

5.  Be yourself.  Share what you find to be important.  Follow your passion.  If you do, you'll connect and inspire others.  Don't forget:  it'll take a little time.

6.  Listen and learn.  Keep evolving on Twitter.  Listen to yourself and others and change as you learn.

7.  When people ask for help, do your best to help them. Do this and you'll make some wonderful connections -- friends and business partners.  

8.  Find a way to have fun.  Have fun!  Figure out what puts a smile on your face, then do it and share it on Twitter.  You will assuredly offend some (it's just how it works), but, rest assured, you will connect with others.  It's always those we connect with that really matter.

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