10 Tips on Adding Content Marketing

    1.  ·  categorize the types of content that would be most helpful for customers in the            singular phases of the business cycle
2.  ·  build up a search and social keyword dictionary
3.  ·  Map keywords to presented content and create and editorial map for content that     you should have
4.  · categorize the resources you have and will need to “recruit” inside or hire from external sources to address content manufacture needs
5.  ·  Develop processes for content creation, optimization, promotion and design re-purposing
6.  ·  Match goals with some kind of dashboard for coverage and method of extracting insight out of web analytics and social media monitoring to determine efficiency
7.  ·  Implement “reaction” mechanisms for content creators to reinforce content types/styles that are producing preferred results
8.  ·  Continue to refine editorial plan and allow for on-demand and wildcard content creation/marketing opportunities
9.  ·  Make an effort to test, refine and repeat. size what works. Kill what does not.
10. · Continuously educate yourself and your team on best practices through books like “Content Rules” by Ann Handley and C.C. Chapman or the rich information at the Content Marketing Institute run by Joe Pulizzi. Also conferences, white papers, newsletters and blogs. Assign areas of expertise to different group members instead of annoying to get each person to learn everything at once.

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