9 Ways To Be Positive on twitter

1.   Appreciate! The word itself means “To be thankful or show gratitude for” and “To admire and value greatly”. If you appreciate people, you will be appreciated too. Be thankful and express your gratitude.   


2.  Focus on the good things: There are all kinds of things circulating on twitter. Make sure you focus on the good ones. The kind of experience you get on twitter, depends on the kind of people you follow. If you follow people who only tweet negative stuff, chances are, you might turn into a negative person too. Don’t forget, tweets can influence you.  


3.  Spread the good vibes: Give! Share! If you feel happy, tweet it! You might be responsible for someone’s wide smile at some other corner of the world. That’s the magic of twitter. 


4.  Take action in your real life: Don’t just preach, practiceIf you love to tweet quotes (I do), try to implement all those good thoughts and ideas in your offline life too. Trust me, you will see a considerable and significant change (for the better) in your thinking process.


 5.  Make an effort to make a difference. Twitter is a great medium with a large outreach. Whatever you tweet, reaches tons of people. If your tweets are positive, you will get a positive feedback. You won’t even realize how you might have made someone’s day with your tweet! And it’s an amazing feeling.


6.  Avoid negative influences : Just ‘block’ negativity. Literally.  Distance yourself from people who try to pull you down. 


7.  Find an optimistic quote or saying   Have a favorite quote you saw in someone’s tweet? Share it and remember it. Who knows, at some point in life, it’s THAT very quote that will comfort you and show you how to handle that situation. 


        8.  Don’t get angry  You have to remember that you cannot please everyone.
              There will be people who disagree with your thinking. Initially, I used to retaliate. 
              Now, I just ignore. You will feel like giving them a taste of their own medicine and
              replying to them in the same hateful tone. But that would just lead to further fights. 
              Instead, stay calm, and don’t reply to them. If it gets out of hand, remove them  from 
              your timeline.


9.   Stop comparing yourself to others: Everyone cannot have a million followers on twitter. Twitter isn’t a popularity contest. As long as you have positive people who share and care, in your feed, you’re good. Don’t focus on constantly increasing the number, focus on the people.

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