Facebook Versus Twitter in Business

Is there a difference between facebook over twitter in business? Does you business use one or the other or both?
Some businesses concentrate on using only twitter and some concentrate more on facebook. For me the combination for both facebook and twitter is the best combination.
Understanding the two platforms helps you understand the strengths of each other which allows you to use each of them to its full potential.

Strengths of Facebook

More Personal

If we compare twitter and facebook. Facebook is actually more personal compared to twitter. With facebook it is a whole different level of relationship. However, I don’t really like facebook algorithm updates which don’t really show everyone’s updates. You get to hear longer thoughts from people compared to twitter.

Profile Versatility

What do I mean by this? With facebook you are able to set up a personal profile, a professional profile, a business page or a fan page. Although you are able to to set up different accounts on twitter, they really have the same functions as facebook.  With facebook, you have all kinds of choices.

Facebook ads.

For business, Facebook gives you the opportunity to purchase ads which you can target VERY specific niches, age or segmentation. You can target people who are living in the United States, age around 20-30 who loves technology or even enjoys watching Glee.

Strengths of Twitter


Twitter’s biggest strength is its speed. No one can defeat twitter when it comes to speed. Not even reporters. When things happened around the word, you’re going to hear it on twitter.

Information and Research.

It is easy to get information on twitter. All you have to do is do a simple search using twitter search. You will hear what people are talking about your brand and what people are talking about your competitors as well. I did an article on how four seasons use twitter and @tips4smo, one of the staff from four seasons hotel commented on my blog proved that four seasons are monitoring what people are talking about them.


Earlier I mention twitter is the king of speed. Tweets goes viral easily as well. One tweet can get you tons of retweets and views. It is harder to get a message to go as viral on facebook compared to twitter.
Of course there are a lot of other strengths twitter and facebooks has. At the end of the day, each platforms has their own strengths. Therefore it is up to your company or business to decided which suits well with your business.

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