Your tweets are a reflection of your thoughts at a particular moment in time. It’s best to be yourself, yet use good judgment before tweeting. It’s not wise to use profanity or share something you may letter regret. However, you must be who you are without compromise. Comedians may be allowed to say more politically incorrect things because of their profession… people may even expect it from time to time.

2. Share Useful Information

People appreciate information that will benefit there life and/or business in some way. Keep in mind that you have to know your audience, as what you think is useful to one person may not be useful to someone else. If you are building your personal brand it’s important that you are perceived as an expert in your field by your followers. This is often done by continually tweeting target and useful information.

3. Engage the Community

People who have little to no celebrity status often find that when they engage the community on Twitter, they are better received than if they simply blast their messages all day long. People have told me that one of the reasons they continue to follow my Twitter stream is because I actually engage the community.

4. Retweet (RT) Your Followers

Retweeting your followers helps in a number of ways. First, you are seen as caring about what other people say and people tend to like this. Second, when people see you retweeting other people, they seem to get in the mood to retweet you. RT is one of the most effective ways to get the right type of followers for your brand.

5. Follow More People

Following more people is a simple way to get more followers. Initially, you may be inclined to follow everyone, and that is a strategy that serves some people well. On the other hand, you may be inclined to follow a select group of people, and that too has served some people well. It’s been my experience that when you are new to Twitter that it’s good practice to follow everyone that follows you.

6. Communicate Beyond Twitter

It’s a good idea to move beyond Twitter to strengthen your relationship with people. Some of the things you may do include texting, talking on the phone, scheduling live video chats, email instant messaging and meeting in person. All of these things helps to grow your relationship and build your brand with people you’ve met on Twitter.

7. Who, What, Where!

Twitter gives you the ability to put one link, a short bio and location on your profile. You may even upload a custom background. It’s wise to take advantage of these options, as people will visit your link should they find value in what you tweet. Additionally, putting up a bio and location helps other complimentary sites to find you through Twitter, which may increase who and the number of people that find you.

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