Top Ten Reasons To Ban Social Media Access At Work

Number 10: Social media is a fad. Two years from now we’ll be moving to the next marketing or management fad.
Number 9: Social media takes control away from the corporation; and you can’t have that. Controlling the message is what it’s all about.
Number 8: Employees are simply going to goof off. They don’t do anything non-work related now like go to the water cooler, the coffee machine, or even the bathroom.
Number 7: Social media is only good for watching funny YouTube videos and knowing what a former classmate is eating for lunch. Social media, please, what a waste of time.
Number 6: Social media serves no business purpose. Your salespeople are top notch. Come on, will teaching them how to use LinkedIn really make them more effective?
Number 5: Employees simply cannot be trusted and will likely say things in social networks that will become bad publicity for your company.
Number 4: Millennials expect access to social media at work. Hey, Millennials, wake up! It’s a bad economy. Be happy you have a job.
Number 3: Your team already shares knowledge effectively and adding another technology to the mix is simply going to make it more confusing.
Number 2: Social media will simply bring viruses and Trojan horses into your network. For security reasons alone it should be banned!
And the Number 1 reason for banning social media access:
Your competition isn’t using it, so why should you?

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