Hootsuite Is Down: TRY 5 other Tools to Schedule Your Tweets

With Hootsuite being down I saw myself and lots of other people in dire need to continue scheduling tweets. So here is a list of 5 other services, which will allow you to schedule your tweets.
They are all up and running. 
1.) Twuffer
Twuffer lets you schedule tweets on a clean interface and is completely free for you to use.
FutureTweets is very similar to Twuffer and a service that is dedicated to allowing you to schedule tweets.
3.) Buffer
In case you were looking for a slightly easier method, Buffer might be interesting to you. You simply throw a few tweets in your Buffer and they are then scheduled FOR you throughout the day. No hassle of individual scheduling.
This is another interesting tool allowing you to schedule your tweets in order to remind yourself about things you don’t want to forget. Definitely worth taking a look if you want a slightly different approach to scheduling your tweets.
Twaitter is another tool which might take a bit of time to familiarize yourself with. Yet if plan on exploring something not only for the short term until Hootsuite is up again, I suggest you take a look, as besides scheduling tweets also offers a few more nice add-ons. 
Ok, that's it I hope the downtime of Hootsuite will end soon and if you are in desparate need for another scheduling tool, I hope the above ones help you with it! 

via: socialmediatoday.com

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