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We’re always trying to point out a few new tools that you might not have heard of or tried yet. These three definitely worth a shot. I highly recommend that you take some time poking around with them this week.
Timely helps you schedule Tweets for maximum impact. You load up your Tweets intoTimely, and by analyzing the activity of your followers and the impact of your last 199 Tweets, Timely will select a time to send that Tweet when it will get the most ReTweets, @replies and click-throughs. This is a good tool to consider if you are looking for a way to drive traffic for your blog posts, to an event sign-up page or maybe to a survey. Right now you can track reach and ReTweets. It’d be cool to watch how they develop out the analytics on this even further, maybe offering even more conversion tracking.
Track the performance of your Tweets with Timely
Raven Tools
Raven Tools combines your SEO and social media efforts. It’s social search time baby, that’s just the way it should be. Manage your Twitter account, Facebook page and blog content from Raven Tools, plus track your keyword research and AdWords campaigns. This is truly an internet marketing tool that is suitable for many different types of businesses – startups, agencies, small businesses, independent SEOs. It’s just a great product for a great price. I love the clean interface, too. For more information about this great tool see onefortyer @KristinEDziadul’s great blog post about why she chose Raven Tools above other social media software.
Do you like TweetStats? You’ll love Twoolr. This tool offers a nice quick analysis of your Twitter account. If you’re at an agency and looking for a free or cheap tool to use for a client, I’d check this one out. You’ll get:
  • Word cloud: This is some light keyword analysis. It’ll show you which words are used in conjunction with your most ReTweeted Tweets, which is helpful.
  • Account growth: Graphs offer general trends on your progress. You can customize these graphs by date.
  • Usage: These graphs compare the types of Tweets you are using, how much you are broadcasting your own content versus ReTweeting and @replying your community
This is good for a beginner look at a company Twitter account. You can also subscribe to receive your Twoolr report by email which I could see as being helpful. Check it out!

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