What should be Your Social Media Goals?

You log into twitter and facebook everyday,  you read tweets, you comment on your friends facebook wall, you retweet blog post, at the end of the day, what are your social media goals? What are you trying to achieve from social media?

A tweet caught my attention recently. It was from Jerimiah Owyang aka @Jowyang, in his tweet, he mentioned that if we post 20 tweets a day we should blog and pay ourselves first. It got me thinking about the amount of time that we spent on social networking daily and whether it is influencing our productivity time.

I love twitter and I love spending time, reading and engaging with people. It is just who I am. I don’t spend much time blogging though, I have 113 blog post written at this point. Then it got me thinking if I should concentrate more time creating content blogs. Questions I @AskAaronlee .. oh wait that is ME.. . Time to re-write my own goal. @ChrisBrogans hit the nail when he said
“If you don’t stick to your goals, there’s no reason to put any time into social media, period”

So what are your social media goals ? Do you want to?

  • Get attention from other bloggers?
  • Make x-amount of money from social networking sites?
  • Brand yourself better?
  • Get the latest news?
  • Connect with celebrities?
  • Connect with influential users?
  • Connect with new people outside your circle of friends?
  • Get more leads for your business?
  • Get new leads for your business?
  • Get x-amount of followers on twitter?
  • Get x-amount of likes on facebook
If you don’t have a goal, get one today! 
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