25 Reasons To Love Social Media

1. You can update your friends and family with what is happening in your life via Twitter and FaceBook.
2. You can help your favorite charity.
3. You can create a movement.
4. You can share what you like via social networking buttons which are now available          with just one click.
5.  You can share music you love with friends that have the same musical taste.
6.  You can sell or advertise.
7.  You can converse with your consumers.
8.  You can share your opinions via commenting on blogs, updates or links that you like      or hate.
9.  You can play social games.
10. You can share your passion and start a blog.
11.  You can watch videos and share your favorite ones.
12. You can create an album and share it with the world.
13. You can take a snap shot, share it with friends, and allow them to give you      feedback.
14.  You can stalk someone – but this is not recommended.
15.  You can check the weather and traffic updates in real time.
16.  You can get real time news on breaking headline stories.
17.  You can chat with your friends on FaceBook and Twitter.
18.  You can find a job and post a job.
19. You can get feedback on what you are considering buying and how you look.
20. You can find out where people are via Foursquare and Gowalla.
21. You can find inspiration for your design or your blog.
22. You can find out what your friends are cooking or eating in real time.
23. You can get how-to tips about anything under the sun.
24. You can find out the trending topics of the day before they hit the newspapers or the television.
25. You can make people laugh or get cheered up by funny blogs or humorous videos        shared on YouTube.

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