How to Tag Your Friends In Facebook Comments

Tagging friends on updates are fun. First it was launched for Facebook photographs which enabled the user to tag his/her friends on the uploaded photographs. It is a great way of notifying your friends that, dude you are part of the wonderful memories in the photographs.
After a few months they were launched for Facebook status updates to mention your friend having the common interest. Now Facebook have launched the feature that allow you to tag your friend in comment to invite them over the discussion.

How to Tag Friends in Facebook Comments

Tagging a friend in comments is same as tagging some one in the status update. Just use ‘@’ sign followed by your friend name and select the friend from a drop down list.
comment tag
Its great feature introduced by Facebook and will help one to invite his/her friend over the discussion but one thing that’s bothering me is the notification bar. People misuse the Photo tagging with out giving it much concern leaving the Facebook notification bar in a mess with spam updates. God knows what this change will bring upon us.

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